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IK4-Ideko is 25 years old

IK4-Ideko is 25 years old

This year, IK4-Ideko is celebrating its 25th anniversary by premiering a new image and presenting a series of commemorative activities.

Firstly, the Elgoibar centre is going to organise, on 27 and 28 October, some scientific conferences where international experts in mechatronics and manufacturing processes will share their knowledge and latest innovations in those technologies. Among others, experts such as Prof. Doctor Yusuf Altintas Canadian University, British Columbia and Prof. Doctor Christian Brecher, of the University of Aachen will share their vision of these manufacturing technologies.

Furthermore, at our facilities on 14 December we will be holding a ceremony presided over by Lehendakari Patxi López that will allow us to look back over the main milestones in our centre's history and at the same time we will identify the challenges that will take us into the future. For this, representatives of public institutions, Ideko-4 customer companies and the various collaborators that have played a part in our recent history will be present.

IK4-Ideko will take the opportunity of the 25th anniversary celebration to premiere its website which has been made ready to reinforce its online strategy with the opening of new channels on the social networks, the purpose of the website is to bring our range of services closer to industry, convinced that it is our vocation to transfer the results of our research in Manufacturing and Industrial Production Technologies to the business world.

With an annual budget of 8 million Euros, 12 patents and a staff of more than 110, IK4-Ideko specialises in manufacturing and industrial production technologies and aims to become a research benchmark in its 8 lines of research: Strategic Innovation, Production Management, Transformation Processes, , Intelligent Software, Dynamics and Control, Mechanical Design, Inspection and Measurement, Micro-technology and Ultra-precision.