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Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


In IK4-IDEKO, we are decidedly geared towards obtaining results from our R&D. Only when an enterprise converts our added value into business value, we consider our R&D&i job done. That is the reason we try to involve the company from the earliest phases of our research, for which we rely on different collaboration models. Below some successful examples and benefits of these collaborations are shown.

Ultrasonic measuring deviceVSET. Sistema de medición basado en tecnologías de visión 3D Sistema basado en fotogrametría para el alineamiento de piezas en brutoStrategic informationStrategic information services for MCCDesign of CI UnitsDesign and Implementation of CI Units in BELLOTAINNGUMACompetitive Intelligence SoftwareDWPMProfile measuring device for railway wheels on passing DASDynamic active stabilizerEMAT positioningPositioning device for measurement of residual stressesRetrieval of turbine bladesCell for retrieval of turbine bladesikDASPortable platform for signal acquisition MIDEMMAMinimizing Defects in Micro-manufacturingASPIRATEDevelopment of a swarf suction system through the tool