Throughout our history as a research centre, we have supported social transformation and development of our environment by generating quality employment, fostering welfare, promoting economic progress and boosting social cohesion. We have done so without forgetting where we have come from and our roots, which is why we have contributed to the standardisation of the Basque language in our working environment...



We are committed to equal opportunities in all stages of professional development: in recruitment policy, in promotion and training plans, and in the research training of all the people who form part of IDEKO.


We support and finance initiatives for social transformation and promote the use and knowledge of the Basque language at the work place.


Our commitment to the environment makes us aware of the importance of proper environmental management and caring for and preserving the environment in which we live.


We have an Equality Plan that guarantees the same opportunities for recruitment, training and professional development for all the people who work at IDEKO. Our research centre stands out for having a working environment based on mutual respect and non-discriminatory treatment. We have a proactive policy aimed at fostering technological and scientific vocations among young people, with a special focus on female talent, and we are working to make the contribution of women in industry and the creation of female role models visible through the unstoppable example of our female researchers.




of the students end up in professional training at IDEKO.




of the workforce is under
35 years old.




of the people working in IDEKO are women.

Continuing Vocational


of our staff are trainees.

Training and professional development opportunities

Promoting technological and scientific vocations among young women

Personal, family and work-life balance

Commitment to equality


Committed to the Basque language. We participate in various initiatives to raise awareness and use of the Basque language and since 2016 we have held the BIKAIN certificate awarded by the Basque Government, which accredits us with a level of standardisation of the Basque language in the socio-economic sphere.

Social commitment. We allocate part of our income to social inclusion initiatives to drive social progress.

The people of IDEKO play a key role in this work, as it is our employees who decide which non-profit organisations we collaborate with.

Social initiatives

We support various social initiatives. We have been collaborating with Why Not, Marea Urdina, Geu Be and FGDA for several years. These associations aim to improve the quality of life of people with special needs due to illness or mental disorders, as well as people with functional limitations or intellectual and physical disabilities.

We have financed leisure and free time programmes, techniques for improvement of independence and personal development and awareness and dissemination projects. We have also contributed to the provision of material resources and the purchase of equipment for adapted sports activities.

The WHY NOT association, whose aim is to improve the quality of life of people with a mental illness or disorder, is a centre that works on autonomy and personal development for the integration of people with mental illness. Fighting stigma and isolation and social exclusion. We support the different techniques that the association uses to improve the autonomy and personal development of people with mental illness, such as music therapy, yoga, active participation of our members in WhynotRadio programmes.

Created by four people as an awareness-raising initiative in support of people with autism. Exponential growth and the support of society in general made it clear to them that people were aware of the special needs population and nowadays its main objective is inclusion in all areas. We collaborated in the project to publish the book "tanta urdinak", a story that will serve to describe to children in a meaningful way the characteristics and daily life of children with functional limitations. Always seen from the point of view of ability, from what is possible, and not from regret or disability.

We collaborate with the ASSOCIATION OF FAMILIES WITH SPECIAL NEEDS OF DURANGUESADO (AFNE) "GEU BE" whose aim is to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families in Durangosado. More specifically, we support the programme "Esperientzia bizi- Live the experience" for leisure and family respite in the Covid situation for people with intellectual limitations that brings people closer to different situations of disability through sports games.

We have also been collaborating for years with the Gipuzkoa Federation of Adaptive Sport in its work to raise awareness, disseminate, promote and organise adaptive sport in Gipuzkoa. Several IDEKO partners are actively involved in this work together with the federation. We support the purchase of specific material such as amphibious chairs, wheelchairs, cones, ropes, balls, baskets, etc. that need to be renewed.

Leisure and free time
volunteer programmes

We actively cooperate with social and cultural associations and organisations and empower our employees to contribute to their communities through volunteering. We promote different initiatives so that our team has the opportunity to contribute to social transformation.

These volunteer activities include the participation of our employees in adaptive sports, solidarity sports races, etc.

Standardising the use of Basque in the working environment

At IDEKO we are committed to our language, and we have been developing and promoting Basque language plans in the professional sphere for more than 16 years, with the aim of promoting and standardising its use in the working environment.

We have recently concluded a strategic plan for the Basque language for the next 4 years, whose slogan is "Opening possibilities to work in Basque". We participate in and promote various activities and social events that take place in our area, such as the Korrika, or Euskaldia.


Our commitment to the environment makes us aware of the importance of proper environmental management and caring for and preserving the environment in which we live.

At IDEKO we are firmly committed to preserving our natural surroundings and caring for the environment, which is why all our lines of research, working groups and manufacturing processes incorporate the perspective of environmental sustainability and the principles of the circular economy.

“The environmental impact of our sector is lower than other fields, such as the chemical or steel industry, but we must take care of the environment and objectives associated with sustainability and the circular economy will be defined in each one of the challenges. If we are capable of developing a machining process that consumes less raw material, we will reduce our customers' costs as well as the carbon footprint”.

Oier Zelaieta,
manager of the
Manufacturing Processes research group.


Installation of photovoltaic panels

IDEKO has installed photovoltaic panels on the roofs of its two buildings in Elgoibar with the aim of being self-sufficient for our electricity supply.

Reduction of plastic consumption in offices

In order to turn offices into sustainable spaces and eliminate the use of plastic, IDEKO distributes cups and bottles, office supplies and merchandising items made from sustainable materials to all its employees.

Zero Zabor

Installation of multi-waste containers for the selective collection of waste, minimising waste that could end up in landfill.

Sustainable Use of Resources

Monitored heating and energy systems, adaptation of installations with the latest and most efficient technologies in terms of thermal insulation, air conditioning, heating and lighting.