4 Research Lines, key factors in the development of our specialization industrial production and manufacturing technologies.

ICT for manufacturing and industrial production technology

tics fabricacion industrial
tics fabricacion industrial

The Intelligent Software research line incorporates knowledge of the latest advances in the ICT environment into the manufacturing and industrial production field.

In this way, the Intelligent Software research line develops automation and advanced software solutions that use artificial intelligence for the improvement of production processes of stand-alone machines and production lines.

Due to its complementary nature, the Intelligent Software research line actively collaborates with other IDEKO lines of research which it supports through the development of different systems such as Strategic Innovation or Inspection and measurement.


Development of software tools that provide advanced capabilities to machine manufacturers and manufacturing lines.

Cloud Computing: Tools for competitive intelligence, SAAS environments: HTML5, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, Python, LAMP environments, Data Analytics – Business Intelligence.

Artificial Vision:
    • Recognition of artificial and natural markers.
    • Registration.
    • Pattern recognition.
Advanced Programming:
    • Integration of solutions for other lines: .NET, Qt, C/C++, Java, Python, Perl.
    • Development of advanced user interfaces: WPF, RAD Studio (Borland - delphi), KDE-Qt, GTK+.
    • Real-time processing: GPU (Cuda), Big-Data (No-SQL), HPC (High Performance Computing).
Value-added industrial automation:
    • Compiled cycles for Siemens, pyc para Heidenhaim, Structured Text para Beckhoff, etc.
    • Predictive / Proactive Maintenance based on past events and experience.
    • MT local and remote monitoring / management.