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Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Electronics and ICT as enabler for digital industry and optimized supply chain management covering the entire product lifecycle


Productive 4.0 European project, the Industry 4.0 initiative that seeks to drive the introduction of information and communication technologies in industrial companies through an integrated digitisation programme that covers all the production process phases, and enables progress in the construction of intelligent factories.

The initiative, which began last May and involves 114 technology and business partners from 19 European countries, has a budget of €106 million and constitutes a significant step forward in the immersion process of European industry in the digital revolution.



The first of the Productive 4.0 objectives is strategic: the whole of the European industrial sector is prepared to carry out more intelligent production, to make better use of the resources at its disposal, and to apply in a flexible way any change or improvement that takes place in its work standards and environments. Ultimately, to be more competitive.

The role that the Basque technology centre plays in this project involves different research groups from the entity. The IK4-IDEKO ICT and Automation group, together with the Dynamics and Control, Precision Design and Engineering and Manufacturing Processes teams, will lead the development of advanced digitisation solutions to increase the degree of automation and optimise the production processes that are carried out both by stand-alone machines and complex production lines.



The initiative, which will go on to 2020, intends to create a standardised digitisation system that operates in companies devoted to strategic sectors of the European economy.

Furthermore, Productive 4.0 is based on a fundamental premise, inherent in the digitisation concept: the production process does not end on the sale of the product but covers from the conception of the idea to the after-sales service and includes recycling.


In addition to IK4-IDEKO, the Productive 4.0 project, led by the German company Infineon Technologies, has the participation of a dozen Basque entities, such as Innovalia, Engine Power Componentes, TRIMEK, Savvy Data Systems, Danobat, Mondragon Assembly, ULMA Embedded Solutions, Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa and Mondragón Sistemas de Información.




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