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Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Intelligent solutions to optimize the development of applications based on data


The use of information and communication technologies in the most common areas such as trade, transport, industrial manufacturing, smart production lines, computerised health care known as eHealth, or the self-driving car sector requires the development of new solutions able to seamlessly process and manage vast amounts of data in a safe and efficient manner.

This is the backdrop in which the European project DITAS (Data-intensive applications improvement by moving data and computation in mixed cloud/fog environments) is being developed, an initiative with the participation of IK4-IDEKO, the Basque technology centre specialising in Advanced Manufacturing .



The innovative approach of the DITAS combines the advantages of cloud computing with the fog computing paradigm with the mission of developing a framework to simplify the development and execution of data management applications.

The system devised in DITAS is based on a model of Virtual Data Containers, which allows developers to define what data the application requires in order to function and to focus on the exploitation of these data, leaving it up to the framework to find, process, and deliver the data to the application.



The project foresees to validate the results in the Industry 4.0 sector and in the eHealth sector. Both have a need to develop smart data-based applications, but require a different approach in terms of performance, quality, safety, privacy, format, source and storage.

IK4-IDEKO will lead the Industry 4.0 scenario with the mission to show that the use of the DITAS framework makes it possible to develop, deploy and maintain in a simple manner applications based on data generated by sensors, actuators and machines that are hosted both at cloud providers and in the facilities where the equipment is located.


The project has the participation of 8 entities




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