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IDEKO generates a turnover of 10.3 million euros in 2022 and and strengthens its commitment to advanced manufacturing

IDEKO generates a turnover of 10.3 million euros in 2022 and and strengthens its commitment to advanced manufacturing
  • The technology center approved its 2022 accounts on Friday, May 12, at its annual General Assembly.
  • 49% of the revenues last year came from contracts with the private sector, while the remaining 51% originated from own research activities.
  • The center also reaffirms its commitment to sustainable technological specialization, aiming not only for economic growth but also for ensuring a better future for upcoming generations.

The technology center IDEKO, specialized in advanced manufacturing technologies, continues to take steps forward to consolidate its position at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements in the field of research and advanced manufacturing. Proof of this is that in 2022 it exceeded €10 million in turnover, of which 49% came from contracts with companies and the remaining 51% from own research activities. With total income of €10.3 million, the center maintains its upward progression, surpassing the €9.8 million billed in 2021.

Specifically, the center, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), generated €5.01 million (49% of the total) through R&D projects with companies in 2022, mainly in the machine tool, aeronautical, railway, automotive, and oil & gas sectors. The remaining €5.3 million (51% of the total) originated from own research activities.

Regarding the own research projects, 27% of the center's total income was due to programs driven by the Basque Government, 19% originated from initiatives promoted by different European institutions, 5% came from projects funded by the General State Administration, and finally, 1% from the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa. These figures demonstrate the stability of IDEKO's customer portfolio as well as its commitment to technology transfer to the industrial sector.

The results obtained by IDEKO during the past financial year were approved on Friday, May 12, at the Annual General Assembly of the technology center. After two years of a hybrid format -combining in-person and online- due to the pandemic, the event, presided over by Xabier Alzaga, president of IDEKO, fully returned to its in-person format. The meeting brought together employee partners, representatives of user member companies, as well as representatives of collaborating member companies of the center.

its presence in full. The meeting brought together working partners, representatives of user partner companies, as well as representatives of partner companies collaborating with the center.

During the Assembly, the president of IDEKO highlighted the results achieved by the technology center in 2022, stating that despite the challenging scenario caused by the resource crisis, "we have managed to achieve our objectives set in the Management Plan and surpass the revenue of 2021." According to Alzaga, this accomplishment "would not have been possible without the effort, commitment, resilience, and dedication of all the people who are part of the center."

The president of the center also expressed gratitude to the collaborating companies, stating that "their commitment to innovation and the trust they have placed in us have made the positive results of this year possible."

Throughout this activity, the pursuit of scientific excellence has remained a priority. In fact, the technology center maintained its dissemination activity last year, with a total of 33 indexed scientific publications, of which 19 were classified as Q1, indicating excellence in the publications. As for the number of patents, IDEKO reached a total of 39 active patents in 2022, with 7 of them granted during the year. Specifically, two of these patents were obtained in collaboration with other agents of the Basque Network for Science, Technology, and Innovation (RVCTI).

Progress on strategic plan 2021-2024

The past fiscal year also marked the launch of the center's 2021-2024 research plan. Through the definition of this plan, the center identified artificial intelligence in manufacturing and machine and process precision as its priority areas for the next four years. The objective is to be able to anticipate manufacturing transformations and address the needs of the industry.

The research plan also prioritizes digital twins, robotics, active and intelligent components, and processes and applications for strategic parts. All of these challenges, which are already in the development process, incorporate environmental sustainability and principles of the circular economy in a cross-cutting way.

In this way, as stated by Nerea Aranguren, director of IDEKO, during her speech, "we continue our commitment to specialization from a sustainable point of view, not only for economic growth but also to generate greater well-being in society and ensure a better future for future generations."

Commitment to people

The commitment to people and talent remains one of the main pillars of IDEKO. Regarding human capital, the center ended 2022 with a team of 131 professionals, of which 29% hold a doctoral degree. This number will soon be joined by the 8 people currently working on their doctoral theses. Thus, the number of employees experienced a slight growth compared to 2021, with an addition of 4 new team members.

Furthermore, the center has implemented a series of initiatives to promote talent attraction and loyalty, such as the opening of new offices at the Aeronautical Advanced Manufacturing Center (CFAA) in Zamudio (Bizkaia) and in the Zuatzu industrial park in Donostia-San Sebastián. IDEKO has also introduced teleworking options for its staff and collaborates with national and international universities and academic institutions to provide training to master's and undergraduate students.

In addition, IDEKO continues to promote the contributions of women in the industry through its female researchers and encourages young women to pursue technological and scientific careers. In terms of equality, the center maintains a proactive policy based on mutual respect and non-discrimination. It has taken steps to ensure equal opportunities within its workforce. IDEKO has its own equality plan that ensures all employees and prospective employees have equal opportunities for recruitment, training, and professional development.

Collaborations that add up

During 2022, IDEKO also continued its policy of partnerships to sustain progress in all areas of expertise. The entity joined the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (Fedit) to further strengthen its position as a specialized center in advanced manufacturing at the national level. The BRTA technology partnership remains one of IDEKO’s main strategic allies. However, in recent years the technological center has added new agreements and strategic collaborations for its four research groups: Dynamics and Control, Design and Precision Engineering, TICS and Automation and Manufacturing Processes.

In order to sustain progress in all areas of specialization, IDEKO continued its policy of alliances and collaborations throughout 2022. The organization joined the Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (Fedit) to further strengthen its position as a specialized center in advanced manufacturing at the national level. Additionally, the BRTA technological alliance remains one of IDEKO's main strategic partners. Furthermore, in recent years, the technology center has continued to add new agreements and strategic collaborations for its four research groups: Dynamics and Control, Precision Design and Engineering, ICT, and Automation and Manufacturing Processes.

Moreover, the center actively collaborates in the development of key technologies that enable the transition from machines to intelligent and connected systems. In this regard, IDEKO has supported Savvy Data Systems in the development of their Smart Box platform, which has become a benchmark in the industry.

Specifically, IDEKO has played a key role in developing the requested technologies to integrate the platform into the needs and specificities of machine tool manufacturers and users. The research center has collaborated directly with technology users in sectors such as aerospace, power generation, and capital goods.

Reference in advanced manufacturing

Participation in the Machine Tool Biennial, 31BIEMH, and co-organizing the General Assembly of CIRP, the main forum for Advanced Manufacturing worldwide, were the two major events in which IDEKO took part last year. During 2023, IDEKO continues its trail of collaborations with key players in the development of technologies applied to industrial manufacturing. In March, in the field of composites, the center participated for the first time in JEC World, the leading international trade fair dedicated to these materials. Next month, a group of researchers from the center will travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to participate in the Euspen General Assembly, a reference event in the field of precision engineering. Furthermore, as part of its commitment to strengthen alliances with major international players in industrial manufacturing, IDEKO will participate in organizing the 3DMC Congress, an international metrology event that will be held in the Basque Country at the end of September for the first time in its history.