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Last news about IDEKO.

Successful conference on inspection and measurement solutions

Successful conference on inspection and measurement solutions

Last 16 September, IK4-Ideko held a new technology dissemination conference, on this occasion it was focused on the most advanced inspection and measurement technologies.

The technology centre invested over a million Euros in advanced measurement and non-destructive testing equipment in 2010. Attendees were positively surprised with demonstrations of the latest measurement techniques performed by IK4-Ideko researchers in their laboratories.

The whole morning, there were several non-destructive inspection techniques aimed at quality control of the manufactured parts and performance assurance throughout their lifespan. Measuring residual stress of a blank or processed material, applying thermographic inspection, and determination of internal defects by ultrasound can predict the likelihood of a future failure in the operation of a part.

The second part of the conference addressed some of the most common measurement and diagnostic technologies, but performed with the most innovative and precise measurement systems on the market: machines verification processes, linear and rotary axes, as per standard; dimensional measuring by ultra-precision coordinate measuring machines (Carl Zeiss F25) and optical profilometry (Sensofar PLU Neox). Finally, the workings of a measurement technology using photogrammetry to measure bulky parts from photographs was made.

The symposium ended with a visit to the IK4-Ideko facilities, in particular the laboratories used to research improvement of manufacturing processes and new related measurement systems. In the ultra-precision laboratory, the attendees showed great interest in several practical demonstrations using the above-mentioned technologies.