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Customized treatment and ultraviolet curing in composites for more efficient transport

Customized treatment and ultraviolet curing in composites for more efficient transport
The technology centre will attend the XV edition of MATCOMP in Gijón from 13th to 15th of June to present two solutions aimed at optimising the production of parts used in the transport industry

Researchers Javier Vallejo and Arkaitz Uriarte will show a technology to increase the production of automotive components and a system aimed at improving the efficiency of the aeronautical industry, respectively

Organized by AEMAC and the University of Oviedo, the conference will present the most recent news in research, development and applications of composite materials

IDEKO research center, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), will attend MATCOMP , the National Congress of Composite Materials organized by the Spanish Association of Composite Materials ( AEMAC ), together with the University of Oviedo, from 13 to 15 June in the Palace of Gijón.

Each year the event brings together researchers and companies related to composites, that are characterized by their high tensile strength, impact and compression, as well as being great allies to develop a more ‘green’ mobility thanks to their lightness.

The latest advancements in composites will be shared over three days in the congress. In turn, MATCOMP has also become a great forum for professionals of composites in which they can share knowledge to face the challenges that must be faced by sectors as aeronautics or automotive.

UV curing to reduce time

IDEKO, a leader in the research, design and development of composites manufacturing processes, is a sponsor of the event and will present two solutions to optimize the production of these pieces and be able to monitor them throughout their lifetime.

First, the 13th at 18:15, Javier Vallejo, researcher of the IDEKO Manufacturing Processes group, will offer the talk UV Curing Time Determination for a part Manufacturing Process , in which he will propose a solution based on prepreg ultraviolet curing (UV) to optimize the production processes of parts used in the automotive or railway industry.

When performing thermal curing resins, traditional curing waiting times can reach 48 hours. Faced with this, ultraviolet (UV) curing technology has been established as a good alternative to shorten times, reducing waiting times by 60% compared to traditional curing methodology. However, when using this technique, the geometry of the component must be taken into account because curing is done with a UV lamp and the intensity of radiation varies in terms of the distance to which it is applied and the shape of the object.

“In order to draw a strategy and determine the radiation and curing time required by each angle of the piece, a UV lamp has been exhaustively analyzed to assess its influence on the geometry of the object and the distance it is located. In this way we can estimate the duration of the process in component parts with different forms and draw a strategy that optimises and increases production,” explains Vallejo.

In addition, the following day, the IDEKO researcher will moderate a session on manufacturing and industrial applications from 18:00 to 19:00.

Monitoring the whole life cycle of the parts

The second presentation will come on 14th at 11:30 hours by the Manufacturing Processes researcher Arkaitz Uriarte. During the talk “INFINITE: Digitally sensorized aerospace parts from manufacturing to the end of its lifetime”, a system will be presented to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the aeronautical industry through integrated wireless sensors in structural parts with which it is possible to monitor the entire life cycle of aircrafts.

How does this technology work? With the data provided by the sensors, a digital twin is generated that represents the lifetime of the part and the respective maintenance tasks that have been performed. This allows us to carry out a personalized treatment of each component and to know which parts must be replaced and which can be reused or recycled.

In this way, as stated by Uriarte, “this solution is presented as a quality assurance system that ensures that the parts used in the aircrafts meet the established standards and, in turn, allows to optimize resources to meet the circular economy demands of the aerospace industry”.


MATCOMP is celebrating its 15th edition this year at the Conference Palace in Gijón (Asturias) to present the most recent news in research, development and applications of composite materials.

For three days, composites experts will do presentations, round tables and exhibitions to promote collaboration and innovation. These include the Institute for Carbon Science and Technology (INCAR-CSIC) and OLMAR, S.A., members of AEMAC.


The Basque Technology Centre IDEKO, a member of the BRTA alliance, has a trajectory of over 35 years dedicated to the research, development and innovation of new technologies applied to advanced manufacturing with a special focus on precision machines and processes and artificial intelligence applied to manufacturing.

Its R+D+i activity is aimed at offering innovative solutions that contribute to the competitiveness of the industry and is articulated around 4 research groups: Dynamics and Control, Manufacturing Processes, ICT’s and Automation and Design and Precision Engineering.