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Everything I research is directly applicable to machines”

Everything I research is directly applicable to machines”

Researcher in Dynamics and Control at IDEKO

Halfway through his four-year stay at the University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada), the researcher from IDEKO's Dynamics and Control group, Oier Franco, visited the research centre to demonstrate in real manufacturing environments the progress achieved in his thesis, aimed at the field of active vibration damping and chatter suppression on machine tools.

"Everything I investigate in my thesis is directly applicable to the machines manufactured at Danobatgroup. The data and measurements obtained during my stay can be extrapolated to support my findings through simulation and on test benches at the university. If the results are satisfactory, I will write a scientific paper", says Oier, after spending two weeks at IDEKO working on the empirical arguments of his thesis.

The researcher has been travelling to the Elgoibar research centre twice a year since he started his PhD in Ontario in January 2018, an opportunity that is posing a major challenge for Oier, but also the possibility to develop his work in a prestigious international academic institution and to gain first-hand knowledge of the state-of-the-art technologies developed at the Machining and Precision Control Department of the Canadian university.

Before Oier, Xavier Beudaert, who is also a researcher at IDEKO, stayed at the same university and knows the Waterloo way of working well. Now he's codirecting Oier's thesis.

"I am in constant contact with Xavier to analyse the progress of my thesis. I also attend the committees of the research group virtually to be informed about the situation of IDEKO and to know all the details of the technological evolution and the innovations developed within the line of Dynamics and Control", adds Oier.

Hence, the researcher can combine the benefits of learning the latest technological developments developed in an international environment with the cutting-edge knowledge and monitoring of trends with which his IDEKO colleagues work.