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IK4-Ideko exhibits the challenges of biotechnology research at BioSpain

IK4-Ideko exhibits the challenges of biotechnology research at BioSpain

IK4 presented its Biotechnology capabilities at the BEC within the framework of Biospain, one of the sector’s leading European events

Strategic thinking by the IK4 Technological Alliance over recent months has highlighted health related activities as one of its strategic research areas. Consequently, the Alliance played a leading role at the BioSpain 2012 congress, which was held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC) from 19 to 21 September.

The Basque alliance, which had its own stand to make known its capabilities in the sector, gave a public presentation with its representative Shabs Rajasekharan, doctor in Cybernetics & Control Engineering from the University of Reading (UK), entitled “The challenges of biotechnology for the IK4 Technological Alliance”, under the heading of health.

As a matter of fact, the field of health is one of the main fields of application for research carried out in life sciences, which is why it is considered to be of special strategic interest to IK4, to the extent that it will focus a major part of activities on it in the coming years.
The areas of biotechnology and biomaterials are characterised by bringing together and using different scientific disciplines to achieve a plural and extraordinarily complex technological convergence. This makes them a major opportunity for the technology centres which make up IK4 since they can combine their abilities to take advantage of this complexity and develop a series of tools in the field of life sciences which provide leading technological solutions applicable to very diverse industrial sectors.

More specifically, IK4 provides services from I+D projects to tissue engineering and the evaluation of xenobiotics, the improvement of products and processes in industrial microbiology, the development of biosensors, the production of polymeric functionalisable nanoparticles, bioactive nano-coatings, the development of new hydrogels and the processing of polymeric materials for the manufacture of implants.

This range of services is possible thanks to mastering technologies such as in vitro tests, in vitro toxicity analysis, molecular biology and so-called “omic” technologies, biodetection systems and biosensors, biomaterials, cell-material interaction and monitorisation, analysis and visualisation.

BioSpain, one of Europe’s top biotechnology events brought together at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre leading experts, researchers and business from the field. The event, held for the first time in Bilbao, was host to 29% more stands than the previous event held in Pamplona, with a total of 216 and the participation of 1,450 specialists, as well as 750 businesses from 25 countries.