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Last news about IDEKO.

Presentation of IK4-IDEKO at Conference on machining for the aerospace industry, organised by the IMH Machine Tool Institute.

On March 10 Rafael Lizarralde, Director of Research and Technological Development of IK4-Ideko technology centre presented a paper at the Conference on machining for the aerospace industry, organised by the IMH Machine Tool Institute. 
This event sought to familiarise SMEs and micro-SMEs searching for new markets with the aspects of machining for the aerospace industry. The speakers at the event were, apart from IK4-IDEKO, companies like EADS, Sandvik, AFM Association of Spanish Machine Tool Manufacturers, IMH Machine Tool Institute and Zehatz, who, through their experience, told us about the aspects of manufacturing, tools used in the sector and most appropriate machine tools for different processes. 
Rafael Lizarralde outlined the future trends of machining for the aerospace industry and success stories based on Innovations emerged from research projects developed by IK4-IDEKO. Furthermore, he spoke about the main trends set for machining in the aerospace sector on an international level, both in Government Programs and in the Platform ACARE / JTI Clean Sky.
He also presented some examples of success stories achieved by local companies adopting technological innovation, such as a new process of finishing the BLISK tips, fully automated repair of compressor blades and Technology for automation of manufacturing composite parts among others.
The conference was very well received by the attendees, who particularly appreciated the practical approach.