Last news about IDEKO.

IDEKO participates together with other Basque companies in 3 technological projects within the ETORGAI Program, worth € 1.2 million.

The technology centre IDEKO-IK4 actively participates in projects financed by the Basque Government through the Etorgai Program for furthering "projects of industrial research and experimental development of a strategic nature"

Specifically, IDEKO-IK4 participates in the following three projects: BIOBASED MATERIALS, led by Maier for the development of applications based on plastic materials and composites from renewable biological sources as an oil-substitute, Hyperion, World-Klass Heavy-Duty Machines, led by Soraluce for the development of precision machine tools for machining large components, and finally the Freedom Project, the future environmentally-optimised electrical power network, with the overall objective of improving the quality of electricity supply and the safety of people, led by the company Ormazabal.
Participation in these projects is in line with the strategy of the Technology Centre to bring added value to its customers in on-demand projects related to its specialisation in Manufacturing Technology and Machine Tools.