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IK4-IDEKO is proud to announce a new associate member of CIRP, the International Academy for Production Engineering.

IK4-IDEKO is proud to announce a new associate member of CIRP, the International Academy for Production Engineering.

IK4-IDEKO strengthens its representation in the International Academy of Production Engineering CIRP with David Barrenetxea as a new associate member. In 2009, when Dr. Mikel Zatarain became a fellow of the international manufacturing academy CIRP he was the only national representative. This has changed now with the appointment by the academy of the Ideko-IK4 researcher David Barrenetxea as an associate member.

To date D. Barrenetxea developed his research career in the manufacturing field, in particular in simulation and behavioural analysis of machines and processes, mainly in the simulation of grinding and centerless grinding processes. Work in this area has been highly regarded by the active members of the academy, which has ultimately resulted in the appointment.Thus, IK4-IDEKO strengthens its presence in this important forum at the forefront of research in the manufacturing world. In fact, CIRP is the leading organization worldwide in research in the field of production engineering, spanning different areas such as design, optimisation, process control and management, machines and systems.

The presence of IK4-Ideko researchers in this organisation corresponds to the development of two core strategies of the Technology Centre: specialisation in Manufacturing and Industrial Production Technology and scientific and technological excellence of our staff. Currently the academy has about 170 active members (fellows), leading scientists from over 40 countries who, like Dr. M. Zatarain (only Spanish representative), have demonstrated excellence in research through an extensive career with publications in the field of manufacturing, and some 130 associate members, who, like D. Barrenetxea (third Spanish Member) have demonstrated a high potential.

This elite circle of the best holds two annual meetings in order to promote R&D among its members through an international network of eminent researchers and prominent people in the world of industry who share knowledge and future prospects.

At the latest of these meetings held last August in Budapest, in addition to the successful appointment of the IK4-IDEKO representative, the participation of the centre was particularly relevant because of the publication of two articles and a technical paper in which two Ideko-IK4 researchers participated: David Barrenetxea, production management line, and Jokin Muñoa, head of the Dynamics and Control line.

This shows the importance and success of the breeding ground of young researchers of the Technology Centre. In addition, this is proof that Ideko-IK4 is at the forefront of research in the field of manufacturing and that this place is also secured in the future.