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IDEKO asserts the importance of artificial intelligence to industrial manufacturing in the Senate

IDEKO asserts the importance of artificial intelligence to industrial manufacturing in the Senate
  • The managing director of the research centre, Nerea Aranguren, appeared as an expert at the Committee on Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Upper House of Parliament.
  • Aranguren emphasised the importance of developing a regulation at European level that allows data sharing between companies.

The importance of artificial intelligence (AI) as a key tool for responding to the challenges of industrial manufacturing, the importance of promoting collaboration between the agents involved in the sector and the need to develop a regulation that allows data sharing between companies at European level were some of the topics covered by the managing director of IDEKO, Nerea Aranguren, during her appearance at the Committee for Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Senate, held last Thursday.

Aranguen was invited to participate in the committee of the Upper Chamber of the Spanish Parliament, which is working on the preparation of a law on the new disruptive and social technological realities, together with other experts such as the Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of the Basque Country, Daniel Innerarity.

During her appearance, the expert explained that AI constitutes a perfect solution for addressing the changing challenges and demands of industrial automation, with a focus on issues such as efficiency, cost, regulatory compliance and security.

Moreover, Aranguren told of the need to promote connectivity and digitalisation to open up AI developments in industry. The IDEKO director also emphasised the importance of promoting collaboration between research centres, universities and technological start-ups for the creation of networks that allow projects to be developed in this field.

Another of the elements highlighted by the expert was the confidence boost. In Aranguren's opinion, a regulation should be developed geared towards the standardisation and governance of data in the European Union, which would allow information to be shared between companies. Furthermore, she stressed the importance of cybersecurity, as a fundamental pillar that supports confidence in digitalisation.

The IDEKO director cited the most common applications of AI in manufacturing, the benefits of this technology for the sector and made a series of recommendations for starting an automation process based on AI in industry.

The expert also shared the approach of IDEKO to AI and the process of converting the entire production system into data capable of being analysed and exploited.

During her intervention, Aranguren showed how the automation scenario is envisaged in 10 years time,  from a paradigm based on the implementation of AI algorithms, with connected systems, big data technologies and predictive analysis.

The model presented by the expert, also considered the use of machines with greater communication abilities thanks to advanced robotics, science data and the possibilities provided by the cloud, leading to a fully automated industry, with manufacturing processes connected to business systems and with automated demand detection functions.

In addition to Aranguren and Innerarity, also appearing at the committee were the lecturer at the Pompeu Fabra University and researcher of the Common Research Centre of the European Committee Emilia Gómez Gutiérrez and the professor of Information Technologies and Systems of the University UCLM, Juan Carlos López.