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A new doctor joins the IK4-IDEKO research team

A new doctor joins the IK4-IDEKO research team

Commitment to training of human resources is an essential element of scientific and technological development. For this reason, the training of research talent is a priority area for IK4-IDEKO Research Center.

In this scenario, the centre specialising in Advanced Manufacture has just added a new doctor to its team. The researcher of the Design and Precision Engineering group of the research entity, Alberto Mendikute, was awarded a doctorate from the University of Zaragoza on 5 July.

Mendikute obtained the highest university degree after the reading of his thesis, titled "Development of an alignment process for eaw parts based on photogrammetry for the machining of large components".

The work presented by the researcher proposed a 3D vision system based on photogrammetry technology for the measurement, fitting and alignment of large workpieces.

The new vision system defined by Mendikute provides an efficient solution for the setup of blank workpieces prior to machining of the components.

In addition to this solution, based on a modular architecture of the two main phases of the setup of a machine, the expert provided his own development software for each one of these modules.

The system reduces the setup process times and guarantees the quality of the blank workpieces, both in the machining process and in the mechanisms prior to that operation.

The academic acknowledgement obtained by Mendikute means that there are now 29 doctors on the team at IK4-IDEKO, an entity committed to the incorporation of profiles of scientific and technological excellence to drive its specialisation in the development of innovative solutions for industrial manufacture.

In addition to reinforcing the profile of its specialist team, the incorporation of new doctors allows the technology centre to strengthen its compliance with the requirements demanded by the Basque government of the entities integrated into the Basque Network for Science, Technology and Research (RVCTI).

IK4-IDEKO was created in 1986 to address the challenges of machine-tool manufacturers, it has a team of 117 researchers and works in 4 different research groups: Dynamics and Control, Manufacturing Processes, Design and Precision Engineering and ICTs and Automation.