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3D vision system for raw part set-up system


Large raw parts (<1 m3) alignment processes, require huge time consuming in set-up processes. Before machining of the parts, it is necessary follow these 2 steps:

Out of the machine:
1. Ensue an adequate overstock distribution overall raw part to be machined.
2. Calculate the optimal fitting of the part to ensure the overstock.
3. Obtain positioning optical references based in fitting process.

In the machine:
1. Proceed with alignment and fitting processes of the raw part after fixing the positioning optical references.
2. Start machining.



IDEKO has developed VSET, a new measure system, based on 3D vision technology, to fitting and alignment of large raw part.

The aim of this development is to achieve an efficient solution for raw part set up before machining process, minimizing the raw part alignment and fitting processes time and ensuring the quality of the part both Raw parts from previous processes such as foundries, forging and welding.

This solution is aimed at large part machining companies.


The VSET system is based on a modular architecture in line with the two main phases of the set-up process: firstly, measurement and fitting and secondly, alignment.

For the measurement and fitting outside the machine, photogrammetric technology is used which measures the raw workpiece, compares its final geometry with the finished part CAD/CAM systems, calculates the best fit using a specific software and identifies references. The alignment in the machines is carried out using this referencing.

The system saves considerable time in set-up processes: up to 70% in the measurement, fit and alignment phases. Reducing set-up times increases productivity and increases the availability of machines and operators. It is easy to handle, so highly qualified users are not required.




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