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The 4ZDM cluster on ZERO-DEFECT manufacturing (ZDM)

The 4ZDM cluster on ZERO-DEFECT manufacturing (ZDM)

The 4ZDM Cluster on zero-defect manufacturing (ZDM), one of the five clusters integrated within FOCUS, will participate at the ZDM Industrial Conference on next 22nd April in Oslo ( ). The event will be fully industry oriented and it will address a new paradigm in manufacturing. The event will tackle zero-defect results in manufacturing processes & systems, obtained in the cluster member projects: Midemma, Muprod, Megafit, Ifacom.

Furthermore, it will allow to identify exploitation & commercial opportunities of the four projects that compose 4ZDM cluster. The event has been arranged in the frame of the completion of one of the member projects (Ifacom), in the same way that did other member projects (Midemma, Muprod) during last year. Industrial workshops will be analysed within FOCUS as one of the ways to best communicate project results to an industrial audience.

On the other hand, the 4ZDM Cluster will also participate at the FoF Impact Workshop 2015 on next 29-30th April in Brussels, arranged jointly by EFFRA and the European Commission (EC). This is an annual event, where a big amount of FoF project (related with advanced manufacturing) transmit to the audience the main results & outcomes of their respective EC-funded projects. Additionally, during last years, the event is emphasizing project clustering and addressing its advantages when communicating the research results. 4ZDM cluster will transmit there its clustering experience, the work already done and next foreseen steps. This work is complemented with the participation of 4ZDM at FOCUS, which will develop a clustering methodology that may be applicable for other related projects in the nearest future.

Related with both previous events, FOCUS is an umbrella project which will help to promote the work of five distinct clusters covering 21 projects.

FOCUS will also develop roadmaps for each of the five clusters it concerns and show other projects how to improve the transfer of new technologies to industry. At the ZDM Conference and the FoF Impact Workshop, the 4ZDM Cluster will address the main results & outcomes of its member projects as well as its clustering experience, whereas FOCUS offers a means for companies to hear about the latest results from a number of projects.