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Jesús Mª Iriondo new chairman of IK4

Jesús Mª Iriondo new chairman of IK4

IK4’s Board of Directors and General Meeting unanimously choose Jesús María Iriondo to succeed Rafael Barrenechea at the head of the Technology Alliance over the coming 4 years.

Jesús María Iriondo Arrizabalaga, Chairman of Tekniker-IK4, has been appointed as IK4’s new chairman to succeed Rafael Barrenechea (Ideko-IK4) as a result of the reorganisation the Technology Alliance has effected in its chairmanship. Jesus Maria Iriondo, an Electronics Engineer by training and specialized in robotics, has wide experience in the business world.

Since 2004 he has been managing the group activity from the company Microelectrónica Maser, a company endowed with high technological added value and located in Mendaro (Gipuzkoa) and which specialises in the application of electronic technologies. Mr. Iriondo combines this latest position with that of the chairmanship of Tekniker-IK4, a technology centre that has been part of IK4 since the Technology Alliance was set up in 2005.

The appointment of Jesús María Iriondo as IK4’s new chairman with effect as of 16 December and which will be for a period of the next 4 years, was approved by the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors and General Meeting of the Technology Alliance, since Rafael Barrenechea’s commitment in his position ended in 2010.