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IK4-IDEKO presents the first results on intelligent fixtures in Edinburgh

IK4-IDEKO presents the first results on intelligent fixtures in Edinburgh

IK4-IDEKO presented, along with the other project partners, the results of the work during the first year of INTEFIX European project, that aims to increase the performance of the machining processes by the use of intelligent fixture systems, allowing the monitoring, control and adaptation of the process to obtain suitable results according to precision, quality and cost requirements.

The activity of IK4-IDEKO in the project is related to the development of new design methodologies and tools adapted to control behavior, in order to obtain more accurate, cheaper and higher quality in the machining process results.

A smart new design of fixture for Aluminium parts of the aviation industry

Dr. Jose Luis Lanzagorta Machining and Production Systems Line of IK4-IDEKO, introduced this design that is based on a model + fixturing system and it is able to predict the evolution of the deformation of the workpiece during machining taking into account the residual stresses in it. With the integration of these new models, minimizing or reducing the distortions caused in parts are achieved.

Iintelligent fixtures for the alignment of large parts

Another area in which  IK4-IDEKO has been working, is the development of intelligent fixtures oriented to medium / large size pieces with high added value. Dr. Alvaro Bertelsen, from Inspection and Measurement research line of IK4-IDEKO, was responsible for exposing the new developed design focused on the implementation of innovative advanced photogrametic systems into inteligent fixtures systems of large parts pieces. With this new concept accuracy is improved and the amount of material to be machined is minimized.

The INTEFIX project, is led by IK4-TEKNIKER, and received funding from the European Community''s Seventh
Framework Programme (FP7-2013-NMP-ICT-FoF) under grant agreement no 609306. Also is part of the I4MS initiative. The consortium has 22 partners: 13 SMEs, 3 large companies, SME 1 (joint venture), 3 universities and 2 technology centers from 6 countries France, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Czech Republic and Spain .

The meeting was attended by the leaders of each work package among which are well-IDEKO IK4, IK4-TEKNIKER (leader), OvGU / IFQ RMCT, CECIMO & C-TEC.

In the manufacturing industry, the machining of medium and big size parts with the required precision is a challenge, especially in high added value products manufactured in small or single-unit batches made of high performance materials like in aeronautic, space or energy sectors, where conventional process engineering and test/error methods are not completely efficient.

The proposed intelligent-modular fixture is a step forward to the smart manufacturing, providing new features of automation, flexibility, versatility, cost-efficiency and accuracy to the current, state of the art, manufacturing systems and equipment; solving problems of vibrations, deformations and precision positioning.

The intelligent fixture will provide sensors and active drives to obtain a suitable fix of the component modifying the force and position of active locators and clamps, in order to select the suitable static and dynamic behaviour of the machine-fixture system for improving the process (Vibration, deformation and positioning).