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IK4-Ideko is participating in a European...

IK4-Ideko is participating in a European...

IK4-Ideko is participating in a European study on the introduction of Lean as a methodology for increasing the competitiveness of Spanish manufacturing companies.

Ideko-IK4, the technology centre that specialises in manufacturing and industrial production technologies, is leading a study on Lean methodology in Spain. This study is focussed on manufacturing industries, and is being carried out with the desire to contribute to the development of a more competitive environment and a greater understanding of the Lean methodology.Faithful to its commitment to innovation (both technological and non-technological), IK4-Ideko is committed to the Lean methodology due to its potential to impact on company organisational innovation and competiveness through a clear focus on the creation of value and reduction of waste. This is the reason why Ideko-IK4 is participating in this European project led by the Polytechnic of Milan.
During the research, an analysis of the benefits, the difficulties, etc. will be made that can result from the introduction of the Lean methodology. In short, we want to obtain guidelines for achieving a successful introduction of this work approach, in order to increase the competiveness of the company and attain strategic objectives.
For this, IK4-Ideko is inviting all organisations involved in manufacturing to take part in the study. This proposal does not have commercial aims and organisations participating in the study will be informed of the results of the research carried out in Spain.
Those organisations that are interested can complete the form before 30 July. The questionnaire can be accessed online at: .
For further information or any questions that you wish to raise on the Lean study, you can contact Iván Martínez in the Production Management Department at Ideko, by calling 943 748 000 (extension 1024) or by email to .
At the end of the study, we will publish a summary of the results in this magazine (IMHE) and the participants will receive full information by email.
Confidentiality: The identity of participating companies will be totally confidential, the information being subject to Ideko-IK4's Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy, based on Organic Law 15/1999 on Data Protection.