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IDEKO researcher David Barrenetxea, elected as a permanent member of the main international forum on industrial manufacturing

IDEKO researcher David Barrenetxea, elected as a permanent member of the main international forum on industrial manufacturing
  • The expert has been chosen as a permanent member or Fellow of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP).
  • The appointment comes on top of the Taylor medal awarded by the prestigious entity to the researcher Xavier Beudaert last August.
  • These distinctions are a further acknowledgement of IDEKO's specialisation in the development of technologies applied to manufacturing.

IDEKO researcher David Barrenetxea has been chosen as a Fellow Member of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP), the main international forum for research in advanced manufacturing. The lifelong appointment is a new recognition of the specialisation in the development of manufacturing technologies of the Basque research centre by the prestigious entity.

The election of Barrenetxea of IDEKO, member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance, strengthens its representation at CIRP. The expert was elected by the international organisation for his long-standing career in research and development of grinding solutions, one of the most complex and demanding industrial machining processes.

“This distinction is the result of the R&D work in the field carried out over more than 20 years by an IDEKO team of grinding experts with the collaboration and combined efforts of the other researchers at the research centre," says Barrenetxea.

The appointment comes on top of the awarding of the Taylor medal to IDEKO researcher Xavier Beudaert last August, an award with which the CIRP recognises the best research work carried out by professionals under the age of 35.

Within the different categories for the members of the Academy, the holders of a Fellowship are researchers with an accredited trajectory in their field of specialisation, and as such are elected to be members of the international body for life.

The number of Fellows is limited and their election involves a long and rigorous process following criteria of excellence shown during their research career, for which, among other requirements, the sponsorship of four other fellows is required.

He is the first expert in grinding in Spain to achieve this recognition and the second IDEKO researcher after the election in 2009 of Mikel Zatarain. At present, CIRP has about 170 permanent Fellows and 137 associate members.

“With the appointment of David Barrenetxea, IDEKO strengthens its representation in the CIRP and succeeds in continuing its representation in a forum that is at the forefront of research applied to manufacturing. Many of the great technological milestones that have contributed to revolutionising the industrial manufacturing sector have their origin in the research carried out by the members of the CIRP", says IDEKO's managing director, Nerea Aranguren.

A career devoted to manufacturing

The research career of Dr. David Barrenetxea is centred on the field of finishing processes, with special emphasis on the simulation and analysis of dynamic and static behaviour of centreless grinding machines. In particular, to name but a few, he focussed on areas such as dynamic simulation and geometric regeneration of centreless grinding processes, elimination of vibrations using variable speed techniques and setting up optimal grinding cycles.

Many of these works have been successfully transferred and implemented by grinding machine manufacturers, an end that has been valued by active members of the academy who, in addition to the scientific component of Barrenetxea's work, have also highlighted the successful transfer to the market of his developments.

CIRP is the worldwide leading organisation in the field of production engineering, spanning different areas such as design, optimisation, process control and management, machines and systems.