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IDEKO presents its latest technologies at the video session organised by CIRP held instead of the general assembly

IDEKO presents its latest technologies at the video session organised by CIRP held instead of the general assembly

The entity played a major role at the main international forum for research applied to industrial manufacturing held in virtual format.

CIRP officially announced the awarding of the Taylor medal to the IDEKO researcher Xavier Beudaert, in recognition of the best work led by researchers under 35 years of age.

The latest techniques for eliminating chatter and the most advanced developments to guarantee the stability of machine tools were some of the most significant solutions presented by the research centre IDEKO at the video session organised by the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP) in place of the annual face-to-face general meeting.

The virtual event, which took place during the last week of August, had the participation of the main references in research applied to industrial manufacturing with a rich programme of video presentations.

Once again this year, IDEKO, a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), was represented by Dr Jokin Muñoa, scientific director of the entity and an associate member of CIRP, as well as by the researcher Xavier Beudaert, who in this year's edition was awarded the Taylor medal, which recognises the best work led by researchers under 35 in the field of manufacturing.

Muñoa was in charge of presenting the results of a research project to eliminate chatter during milling of thin-walled parts. Regenerative vibration is one of the main factors that limit productivity in milling this type of parts because their stiffness and damping properties are inherently low.

To solve this problem, the expert presented a solution consisting of a TCT-Tuneable clamping table, which allows to reduce vibrations by tuning the table by means of a rotating spring and eddy current modules.

“This new concept allows the inclusion of damping in the thin-walled part without any direct contact in the machining area. This takes place through a novel modal coupling strategy with which the dynamic stiffness of the thin-walled part is increased. A significant increase in stability compared to regular clamping has been demonstrated experimentally," explains Muñoa.

Dr. Xavier Beudaert was also present at the event and presented a new strategy for improving vibration stability.

On large machine tools, where structural dynamics significantly influence cutting stability, the selection of servo control parameters can increase damping, thus improving vibration stability. The work presented by Beudaert proposes a new strategy for the adjustment of the drive controller that takes into account this effect.

“The proposed strategy is based on a new method for adjusting drive control, and is successfully applied to machine tool structures. Our model has been tested in machining stability tests, demonstrating an increase in productivity of up to 30%" says Beudaert.

The solutions presented at the CIRP assembly are the result of research carried out within the framework of two doctoral theses being carried out in collaboration with the University of Waterloo and the University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU.

At present, CIRP only has six Spanish permanent members and associates in the organisation, of which three are IDEKO researchers. To become part of this prestigious professional organisation a consolidated trajectory in the field of research is required.

Internationally recognized expertise

On the other hand, the professional academy awarded Beudaert with the Taylor Medal, the most prestigious international award granted to works directed by researchers under 35 years old. This award is an important milestone for IDEKO, as it is the first time that a researcher from Spain has obtained this recognition since its inception in 1958.

The CIRP Academy wished to recognise the research work of Xavier Beudaert for his scientific work in the field of the portable active shock absorber, presented at the 2019 CIRP General Assembly. Since the event this year was held in virtual format, the award will be presented in person at next year's edition, to be held in Munich in August.

“For IDEKO it is a real pride to have a researcher of the stature of Xavier Beudaert on our team. We would like to convey our heartfelt congratulations to him" says the general manager of the entity, Nerea Aranguren.