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IDEKO is presenting its latest manufacturing technologies at the Machine Tool Congress

IDEKO is presenting its latest manufacturing technologies at the Machine Tool Congress
The technology centre will have a prominent presence at the event where it will give 10 technical presentations, take part in a forum devoted to talent and moderate a roundtable discussion on digital companies.

The congress will also be the setting for the entity to present its new brand image, the start of a new stage as a member of the BRTA.

The latest advances for the digitalisation of production processes, the most innovative technologies in the field of laser cladding and the new industrial metrology techniques in the manufacture of large components are some of the areas of scientific specialisation that the IDEKO research centre will cover in the next Machine Tool Congress event, which will take place between 23 and 25 October in the Gipuzkoa Technology Park.

At the event, organised by the Association of Machine Tool Manufacturers (AFM), the entity, which specialises in the development of technologies for industrial manufacturing, will have a prominent presence and give 10 technical presentations and take part in several roundtable discussions.

On the first day of the event, which is being staged for the 22nd time, IDEKO's managing director, Nerea Aranguren, will give a presentation in which she will share the roadmap for undertaking a digitalisation process in an organisation, as well as the importance of having a technology partner to support the industrial innovation process. The expert will also be present at a roundtable discussion on the challenges of training talent.

In the forefront of manufacturing processes and precision engineering

In the scientific-technical section, Sonia M. García, a researcher in the Manufacturing Processes group, a field in which IDEKO has a consolidated track record, will present the results of a study which analyses the correlation between parameters used in the Rene 80 laser cladding process with the microstructures obtained during production.

A member of the same team, the researcher Joana Ramos, will talk about the influence that the surface condition and the composition of the steel sheets exert on the parameters for laser cutting of metal sheets and on the final quality of the parts.

For her part, doctor Itziar Ricondo will explain the most advanced techniques for the creation of digital twins for optimising complex and automated machine-tool production systems.

While the grinding expert María García will give a talk on techniques for texturing by grinding for the improvement of friction properties on industrial components.

Furthermore, the researcher María Aurrekoetxea will share her knowledge on preventing distortions caused by residual stresses in the machining of aluminium and titanium aeronautical structural components.

Within the Design and Precision Engineering research group, doctor Ibai Leizea will give a presentation on the application of photogrammetry systems with optical markers in the field of industrial metrology for the manufacture of large components.

With the aim of responding to measurement needs and to the compensation of volumetric error in medium and large milling machines in order to meet the precision requirements, the researcher Beñat Iñigo will give a talk on the optimisation of volumetric calibration processes based on the laser tracker.

The researcher Javier Vallejo will talk about the main lines of a new preforming process for dry carbon fibre fabrics (NCFs) for composite stiffeners for aeronautical structural parts.

In the posters section, Arkaitz Beristain will present a centralised and digitalised integrated tool management system in a production centre without serial production. The example will be used to present the main benefits of this model, such as increased safety, the interconnection between different platforms and increased efficiency.

Also, the researcher Ibai Berrotarán will present the results of a work that focusses on hydrostatic bearing characterisation.

Finally, IDEKO's national project manager, Josean Marañón, will be responsible for moderating the roundtable discussion aimed at tackling the challenges of digital companies.

A new stage

At the Machine Tool Congress, IDEKO will also be presenting its new brand image, which symbolises the start of a new stage within the Basque Research and Technology Alliance - BRTA.

"Our new image is the starting point for the new stage that we are beginning within BRTA. This is a new identity that combines looking forward with a connection with our most recognisable traits, which are backed by a track record of more than 30 years of specialisation in the development and transfer of manufacturing technologies to the market", said Aranguren.

The entry of the research centre into BRTA, made up of a total of 16 agents from the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, is part of the policy of the technology centre aimed at strengthening alliances and collaborations with the different links in the industrial manufacturing value chain, with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of the production sector and anticipating the technological challenges of our clients, in sectors such as machine tools, railways, aeronautics, capital goods, automotive and energy, among others.