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Ideko-IK4, awarded the 'Silver Achievement Award'

Ideko-IK4, awarded the 'Silver Achievement Award'

ITEA2, EUREKA cluster dedicated to software-intensive services and systems, has given the USENET project the "Silver Achievement Award".

 The USENET project focuses on implementation of the M2M concept in different application domains: measurement and remote control of ubiquitous environments, machine tool maintenance and control, ubiquitous mobile clients for consumer electronics devices, wired and wireless telematics systems, and accessibility and safety in home automation environments.

 The key objective of the USENET project between 18 participants organised in four consortia in Belgium, Finland, France and Spain, is to define a generic concept of the M2M service for ubiquitous M2M Service Networks in different application domains.

 ITEA 2 stimulates and supports projects that will provide European industry with an advantage in the area of SISS (in which software represents a significant segment in terms of system functionality, cost of development system and risk and development period of system).

 The type of projects funded in this cluster are similar to the usual projects in the Eureka! program, in which international consortia of at least 2 member countries of EUREKA! are established. Funding of these projects is the responsibility of national governments of the participating partners in the consortium.  The ITEA cluster began its activity 12 years ago during which it has funded over 140 projects, most of them driven by industry.

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