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IDEKO anticipates a more digital and ecological industry with innovative advances in zero-defect manufacturing

IDEKO anticipates a more digital and ecological industry with innovative advances in zero-defect manufacturing
  • The research center has successfully completed its work on four European projects funded by the European Union's H2020 program.
  • As part of the INTERQ initiative, it has led the development of inspection solutions and AI for preventing failures in the manufacturing process and ensuring the quality of the parts.
  • The SERRANO, LEVEL-UP y COGNIPLANT initiatives have also benefited from IDEKO's expertise in the digitalization of advanced manufacturing and process industry, as well as the remanufacturing of industrial facilities.

The evolution of the manufacturing industry toward zero-defect production is an essential step towards a digital and ecological transition that contributes to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal. This deal comprises a set of initiatives endorsed by EU member states with the ultimate aim of reaching climate neutrality by 2050.

To accomplish this, the integration of advanced systems enabling real-time data analysis and the development of solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) emerge as key concepts. These concepts play a pivotal role in facilitating the monitoring of the production chain, early detection of errors, as well as their compensation.

In this context, IDEKO, member of the BRTA Basque Research Technology Alliance, a research center spezialized in advanced manufacturing, has played a prominent role in the completion of four European projects funded by the European Union's H2020 program. These projects are focused on demonstrating and optimizing manufacturing efficiency through digitization.

For instance, within the framework of the INTERQ initiative, our center has spearheaded the development of innovative solutions to achieve comprehensive monitoring of manufacturing processes, timely failure prevention, and ensuring the quality hallmark of components. This represents a significant stride towards zero-defect manufacturing.

The solutions developed in collaboration among the 25 partners range from sensors integrated into machines to the implementation of new non-destructive inspection (NDT) systems based on ultrasound and Eddy currents. Additionally, monitoring systems capable of identifying the process's fingerprint, have been introduced.

Furthermore, the consortium has boost new methods and approaches based on AI algorithms, focusing on optimizing both the process and the product. According to Dr. Jose Luis Lanzagorta, researcher of manufacturing process of IDEKO, "leading this project has been a significant challenge, allowing the center to solidify its position as a leader in advanced manufacturing technologies and the field of AI".

Simultaneously, the Research Center has also played a significant role in the development of solutions and objectives in three other completed European projects: SERRANO, LEVEL-UP y COGNIPLANT.

In the case of SERRANO, IDEKO has collaborated in creating an innovative application that utilizes AI to monitor the health of critical mechanical components, such as ball screws. This process, known as condition monitoring, enables the detection of anomalies almost in real-time and predicts potential issues during production, facilitating predictive maintenance.

Additionally, in its involvement in the LEVEL-UP project, the technology center has contributed to the implementation of new concepts such as the remanufacturing or refurbishment of facilities and the digital modernization of plants, adapting to the most advanced digital technologies. Specifically, the IDEKO has implemented digitization and AI technologies to optimize the control of railway axle grinding lines, enabling predictive maintenance and consequent process improvement.

Finally, within the framework of the COGNIPLANT initiative, IDEKO has designed a digital solution called Co-Digitise, which serves as a connection between the physical systems of production plants and a cognitive monitoring and control platform in the continuous manufacturing or process industry. This tool is responsible for acquiring plant data to gather all the necessary information and then virtualizing that data, organizing it in a structured and common language that facilitates future analysis and decision-making.

The four projects, carried out under the umbrella of the Horizon 2020 Program (H2020) and with the financial support of the European Commission, contribute significantly to zero-defect manufacturing, as well as to the achievement of a more digital and environmentally sustainable European manufacturing industry.