Last news about IDEKO.

Closure of the CENIT project

The final assessment of the CENIT project "eEe - Advanced Technologies for Manufacturing Equipment and Processes in 2015" was carried out on 21st April. In this project, with a total budget of 30 million euros which has run over the course of four years, IK4-IDEKO has played a more than leading role in the working lines "Intelligent Machine" and "Multifunctionality" as well as being the technological leader of the "Precision and Productivity" line and providing support for its business leader the Danobat Group.Throughout the project, with the collaboration of its clients, IK4-IDEKO developed balancing systems for in-process parts, diagnostic tools for the condition of bearings, gears and shaft balancing. Innovative cryogenic cooling systems were studied for grinding as well as new nozzle concepts used in the same process. The application of ultrasound in the inspection of machined parts and their recovery using laser was another noteworthy field of research. It is also worth highlighting developments which were as varied and innovative as the volumetric calibration systems in milling machines, active and passive vibration damping systems, the application of new compensation techniques for thermal expansion, the development of new measuring elements for parts undergoing grinding, intelligent tooling for the correct anchoring of large parts and the development of self-compensating hydrostatic drives based on active magnetoreologic fluids.
Given the good results obtained, researchers were encouraged to consider applying the above systems to cutting-edge industrial products in the near future and to present new research projects whereby work on technologies with the greatest potential could be continued.