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Ander Azcarate has obtained Summa Cum Laude in reading his PhD. dissertation

On 12 November last, Ander Azcarate, manager of Strategic Innovation operations at IK4-IDEKO read his PhD. dissertation at the Public University of Navarre and received a unanimous Summa Cum Laude from the panel.

The dissertation "Model for designing sustainable machine tools" was developed in the Projects and Rural Engineering Department at the Public University of Navarre, led by Amaya Pérez Ezcurdia.

The research proposes an integrated model for the design of sustainable machine tools in response to the needs of machinery manufacturers in Spain and abroad to promote policies on product innovation which will result in machine tools based on sustainability. The model is based on a methodology and is supported by several systems that incorporate financial, environmental and social vectors making up the concept of sustainability in the development of new products.

The project for the dissertation, which started in the line of "Managing the Life Cycle of Industrial Products" in the former department of Product Engineering at IK4-IDEKO, reinforces this area of research and opens up new opportunities for developments in the field of sustainable design.

Finally, it must be pointed out that the researchers at the centre have also taken part in the research, and that their efforts have helped the new Doctor to achieve his aims. Many congratulations to all concerned.