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AIMS is a reality, a cooperation agreement for boosting artificial intelligence in industrial manufacturing

AIMS is a reality, a cooperation agreement for boosting artificial intelligence in industrial manufacturing
  • IDEKO, BCAM, the Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Centre (abbreviated CFAA in Spanish) of the UPV/EHU and the IMH Campus Advanced Training Centre have come together to create a collaborative space that seeks to accelerate digitalisation in production environments.
  • The recently created cooperation unit is located in the facilities of the Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Centre at the Bizkaia Scientific and Technology Park and will develop artificial intelligence solutions applied to manufacturing.

With the mission to accelerate digitalisation of production environments, the IDEKO research centre, a BRTA member, the Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Centre CFAA,the mixed centre of the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU, the  IMH Campus advanced training centre, and the Basque Centre for Applied Mathematics BCAM have joined forces to create the AIMS (Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing for Sustainability) Classroom, a collaborative environment that seeks to boost the application of artificial intelligence solutions in the industrial manufacturing sector.

This new unit is in the CFAA facilities, in the Bizkaia Scientific and Technology Park in Zamudio. The main challenge is to implement digital technologies in production systems through the collaboration of the involved stakeholders.

The physical headquarters of this project has been completed during this month of March, which is located on the CFAA's ground floor. This centre is provided with cutting-edge equipment including fourteen machine tools, additive manufacturing systems and metrology applications. To this is added the fact that the machines are connected to a very advanced data network.

The AIMS Classroom is a great opportunity to advance in the application of artificial intelligence in the Basque manufacturing sector, a milestone that will allow us to take a key qualitative leap in technology and innovation. 

Within this alliance, the CFAA will contribute its experience in advanced manufacturing aimed at the aeronautics sector, while the BCAM, as a centre of excellence with a vocation to support and apply the latest  mathematical advances to the country’s production sectors, will work in the most scientific dimension of the initiative.

But in addition to boosting artificial intelligence in industrial manufacturing, the AIMS Classroom has a medium-term challenge, which is the training of professionals capable of generating the innovation demanded by the industrial manufacturing sectors, and bringing the reality of these environments closer to future researchers.


In this regard, IDEKO will provide specialised personnel, with the aim of putting their knowledge of the machine-tool sector and artificial intelligence technologies at the service of this new space, which will function as a sub-headquarters of the Elgoibar research centre.

Furthermore, on the IMH Campus, a centre attached to the UPV/EHU, specialists in advanced manufacturing are being trained with the skills and competencies that are most demanded by the industry of the future, through vocational training, university training and continuous training. Women and men that train in both technical and human skills and contribute talent in real projects within the broad network of the IMH Campus collaborative companies: a connection network that makes progress a reality. IMH Campus is an agent of the Basque Network of Science, Technology and Innovation, and is also an integral part of the AFM Cluster.

The CFAA, as a mixed centre of the UPV/EHU, also supports this alliance not only with its renowned manufacturing research personnel, but also in several fields of knowledge such as telecommunications, computing, among others. Moreover, soon doctorate personnel will be added in the contracting phase, within the Adagio COFUND European programme.

AIMS is an alliance which is attempting to combine and complement the talent of different technological disciplines in the same space, and that will be key for accelerating digitalisation and the incorporation of new functions to the production systems of Basque industry. To achieve this, the training of new motivated, passionate professionals with a common vision of the path to follow is a fundamental part, and this is how we are responding to our commitment to society and industry

The challenge of taking the latest artificial intelligence and digitalisation technologies to advanced manufacturing environments is huge.  But the partners of this alliance clearly have the knowledge, means, the best researchers and a location where many companies collaborate in R&D projects. Success is within our reach.