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Last news about IK4-IDEKO.

a new material of high stiffness with high damping capacity

 a new material of high stiffness with high damping capacity

IK4-IDEKO is involved in the project HIPPOCAMP which consists basically in developing a new manufacturing process for the deposition of nanocomposites in metal or polymeric structural parts, in order to get a new material that combines high stiffness with high damping capacity.

This novel material will serve as a coating for structural parts of metal or polymer in order to increase the damping of the same, maintaining all the other mechanical properties. The primary role of the Technology Center IK4-IDEKO is the dynamic analisis of the 4 selected pieces: New tool parts for rotational cutting tools, New damped turbo , machinery, New damped casing for a CFRP modular quill, A  new  range of  damped doctor blades for paper making.

The structural components for automotive, aerospace and manufacturing applications and wind turbines share a common problem: they are subject to intense vibrations that reduce its reliability and durability. Therefore, researchers from the different entities participating in the project, try to reduce the impact of vibration and chatter, developing a material that combines high stiffness with high damping capacity, all clearly maintaining all other mechanical properties of the original part. In this way, it is achieved to increase the dynamic performance of the parts.

HIPPOCAMP is a European project led by the University of Oulu, Finland, which was launched last October. This project is part of the 7th Framework Program, and more specifically in the NMP theme (Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies).