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MidTerm meeting of ALEXANDRIA at IDEKO-IK4

MidTerm meeting of ALEXANDRIA at IDEKO-IK4

During past 15 and 16 of September the annual technical meeting of the Singular and Strategic project ALEXANDRIA was realised in the facilities of IDEKO-IK4.

The meeting was celebrate with the participation of the technical people in charge of the different partners who conform the partnership,which is formed by 8 technological agents and 18 companies that focuse their activity in sectors tractors like the energy and the transport (aeronautical, railroad, and naval) within the common scope of the development of new technologies of inspection and measurement.

During the meeting, the partners had the opportunity to put in common the advance of the work realised and the obtained results during the first trimester of the 2010 in the different lines of work undertaken in the project, organized in four sub-projects or workpackages: techniques of non-destructive inspection (NDT), metrology of high rank, calibration, and inspection in good condition.