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Manufacturing technology at large

Manufacturing technology at large

The Technology Centre IK4-IDEKOattended the 27th Japan International Machine Tool Fair (JIMTOF) to contrast investigations, and to be up-to-date with advanced technologies for machine tools and industrial manufacturing.

The JIMTOF is an excellent scene in which we take advantage of opportunity to contrast our research strategy and the particular content of each of our research lines: Strategic Innovation, Machining and Production Systems Dynamics and Control, Mechanical Design, Intelligent Software, Manufacturing processes, Inspection and measurement and Microtechnology and Ultraprecision. The knowledge gained allows us, on the other hand, updating the state of the art and technology trends in manufacturing.

Visiting this fair means to IK4-IDEKO, first hand information about the progress and trends in the field of machine tool and manufacturing technologies. In this sector the Technology Centre has extensive experience and expertise. Also is a great opportunity to assume the stage and analyze products and solutions that are only comerzialized in Japan.

IK4-IDEKO also visited the poster session organized the fair, with 67 posters of the leading laboratories, institutes, universities, etc. from Japan and some from abroad. The session was a good showcase of the latest research being carried out in relation to the machine tool and manufacturing technologies in areas such as: Elements of machines, machining technologies, control systems, measurement and evaluation, tools, etc. . some of the technologies presented could be seen in industrialized achievements by Japanese companies.

The Technology Centre did not miss the meeting with IMEC conference whose theme was "Innovation to create the future - Advanced technologies for the machine". The IMEC congress focused on additive manufacturing, machine and materials  intelligence and trends in machining policies in Japan, Europe and the United States. The presentations were made, mostly, by the directors of large Japanese companies.

The JIMTOF is the largest fair of Asia in terms of the machine tool and the third in the world, although in density, considering the number of visitors regarding the extent of the fair, could be considered largest one . The JIMTOF 2014 included 754 exhibitors from 19 countries.