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IK4-Ideko receives visit from Dr. Kaan Erkorkmaz

IK4-Ideko receives visit from Dr. Kaan Erkorkmaz

Last week Dr. Kaan Erkorkmaz, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Waterloo, Canada, paid a visit to the facilities of IK4-Ideko. His field of expertise lies in optimal trajectory generation for CNC systems, high precision motion control, and modelling and identification systems. Despite his youth, he is one of the most renowned researchers in his area and his visit is framed within our efforts to establish alliances and partnerships in support of the scientific and technological development of the centre. Specifically, the speciality of Dr. Erkorkmaz fits into our line of Dynamics and Control, led by Dr. Jokin Muñoa.The visit lasted a week during which the Professor of the Canadian University had the opportunity to see first hand the developments of IK4-Ideko in the fields of dynamics, new control algorithms and ultra-precision. In turn, Dr. Erkorkmaz presented the latest developments of his work with his team at the Waterloo University, which runs along the same lines as current developments in Ideko-IK4. This has led to establishing a partnership agenda to exchange mathematical models of which we are confident it will yield highly satisfactory results for both organisations.