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Last news about IK4-IDEKO.

IK4-Ideko actively participated in the Leader Advanced Programme

This is the second edition of the course, organised by AIC and that started last 27 January.

The objective of the course is to provide professionals with the tools and skills necessary to manage projects in an increasingly dynamic and innovative automotive sector.

 IK4-Ideko managers instructed the attendees on the manufacture and machining of composite parts, the manufacture and repair of high value parts by laser cladding, the most influential parameters that should be taken into account in a grinding process, the elimination of vibration in machining processes and lastly inspection and dimensional measurement technologies for parts in manufacturing processes.

 Lastly, and with the double objective of being eco-friendly and to offer the best possible teaching resources, this second programme is a paperless programme, where each student will have the support of electronic resources so that he or she can have a better and richer learning experience.