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IDEKO will showcase its innovations in advanced manufacturing through case studies in aeronautics and railways sectors

IDEKO will showcase its innovations in advanced manufacturing through case studies in aeronautics and railways sectors
  • The research center will have a prominent presence at the international machine-tool fair through its exhibition area and its own program of technology talks.
  • It highlights the demonstration of a robotic cell with unique capabilities for precise machining of composite parts, minimizing the exposure of operators to toxic dust particles.
  • BIEMH 2024 will take place from June 3rd to 7th at BEC, and IDEKO will be located at stand E15 in Hall 1.

Joining the next International Machine Tool Biennial (BIEMH)'s commitment to showcasing the latest trends in robotics, automation and digitization, the research center IDEKO will present its own area of innovative solutions in these areas.

IDEKO will once again play a leading role in the fair and will have a prominent presence through its exhibition space. The event will feature its own program of talks showcasing successful application of Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing processes, alongside the participation of its researchers in different presentations at the BIEMH 2024. This will be an opportunity to show the capabilities and solutions developed by its four research groups: Design and Precision Engineering, Manufacturing Processes, Dynamics and Control, and ICTs and Automation.

This initiative underscores a strategic commitment to promoting sustainability in the industry through solutions that contribute to the reduction of waste, machine disturbances (such as errors and breakdowns) and operator disturbances (noise mitigation) during production processes, as well as increasing the energy efficiency of the machines.

Innovative robotic cell

The main demonstrator at the IDEKO’s stand will be an innovative robotic cell capable of performing machining operations on composite materials such as carbon fibre or glass with great precision using an artificial vision system. It also has a chip suction system integrated in the head designed to capture 100% of the hazardous dust generated during these processes.

This robotic cell represents a more flexible and adaptable machining solution for composite parts, offering a significant advancement over the traditional, carried out with more complex machine tools.

In addition, to guarantee the quality of the machined parts, the robot is equipped with a continuous vibration monitoring and control system that measures and analyses the vibrations generated during machining process and automatically adjusts the work parameters to reduce vibrations and prevent damage to the part.

Marks, vibrations and AI case studies

IDEKO's participation at BIEMH 2024 will also provide an opportunity to showcase its capabilities in diagnosing, characterizing and resolving surface marks on parts that can be smaller than a micrometer, as well as its expertise in texturing processes to improve surface quality and generate topographies with special functionalities such as improved lubrication, reduced friction and wear, or better sealing capabilities.

In addition, the technology center will showcase a 3-meter-long boring bar that incorporates an innovative active damping technology solution to address the limitations of current commercial systems in mitigating vibrations during machining of large-dimension components.

Finally, from June 4th to 6th in the morning, IDEKO's stand will transform into a knowledge-sharing hub, featuring presentations of success stories in the application of Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing processes and equipment, with a particular focus on advancements made in the aeronautics and railway sectors.

Visitors are invited to explore all IDEKO's solutions and developments at booth E15 in Hall 1 of the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC), next to the other member centers of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA).

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