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IDEKO is opening its doors to the future of digital industry

IDEKO is opening its doors to the future of digital industry
  • On Wednesday 15 December, the research centre welcomed the 5 new students from the Engineering School of the Basque University UPV/EHU who will do their end of degree projects at the Digital Grinding Innovation Hub.
  • The meeting took place as part of the collaboration between IDEKO and the Basque public university in order to respond to the challenges in the field of grinding that arise in industrial manufacture.

Last Wednesday 15 December, the IDEKO research centre welcomed 5 new students from the Engineering School of the Basque University UPV/EHU at its facilities, who will do their end of degree projects in the facilities of the research entity. This is part of IDEKO’s commitment to talent and the development of trained professionals to get ready for the future of digital industry.

Specifically, the students will have access to IDEKO’s Digital Grinding Innovation Hub (DGIH). This space opened in 2018 with the aim of constructing a collaborative environment focused on experimentation, demonstration and validation of research projects aimed at industrial digitalisation and grinding technology.

In this space, the students can write their projects with continuous tutoring from the IDEKO experts, David Barrenetxea, María García and Jorge Álvarez, who, in addition to guiding the students in the DGIH, will also go to the UPV/EHU University to check on the progress of the work.

This year’s group started the course on 2 November, and they will focus their projects on topics such as the development of an abrasive machining methodology for ceramic matrix composites, fine finishing with polyethylene wheels, advanced sensorisation and machine learning for the study of wear on wheels, deformations in CBN wheel dressing, and the temperatures in extreme cooling conditions.

“These are fields that require a high degree of specialisation in the area of grinding, therefore carrying out these R&D projects in an industrial company specialising in the transfer of technology, such as IDEKO, will help the students take the leap to the business world once their training is concluded”, explained Jorge Álvarez.

The event, organised by IDEKO at its facilities forms part of a joint collaboration agreement between the research centre and the Basque public university, was held for the fourth time to promote the training of professionals for the digital industry of the future.

“Since the 18-19 academic year, this association has been the basis of up to 19 projects, including those of the latest intake. The first group completed their course this year with a submission of 5 end of degree projects, and two of the students have already obtained a direct contract at IDEKO and at the machine tool manufacturer Danobat”, added Álvarez.