Last news about IDEKO.



IDEKO-IK4 presented the two most striking developments in the sector. Visitors of the Ideko-IK4 stand were asked to participate in an unusual contest in which professionals could propose two names, one for each machine. Eventually, two names were chosen: IKlaser for the Laser Ablation Machine and IKmill for the Ultra-precision Micro Milling Machine. The winner of the contest, Olinda Fernández from the company Mecanizados Ávila in Asturias will be given the revolutionary tablet computer from Apple, the i-Pad, on the premises of IDEKO-IK4 next July 16th.Hundreds of curious people visited the Ideko-ik4 stand during the six days of the BIEMH 2010 to see the two new machines that were presented: THE LASER ABLATION MACHINE AND THE ULTRA-PRECISION MICRO MILLING MACHINE. These two machines stood out particularly because of two new features that represent a quantum leap in research and development of new Technologies.
With these advances, the Ideko-Ik4 technology centre in Elgoibar has succeeded in providing the European Manufacturing SMEs in this sector with the methodology and knowledge required for micro-manufacturing, and has developed and manufactured a micro milling machine that has become a benchmark at national and international level.
This will allow the SMEs, which represent 90% of the Machine Tool market, to open new business opportunities and offer innovative solutions at European and international level.
In this time of crisis, this is very positive news for an industry seeking new markets and new applications. The fair also served to baptize these two machines which until today had no name.
In short, the outcome of the BIEMH has been very positive for Ideko-IK4, amongst other things, because of the great recognition received from professionals of the sector who were impressed with the innovative solutions and capabilities that the technology centre Ideko-IK4 can offer the market.