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ENEPLAN project meeting at IK4-Ideko`s facilities

ENEPLAN project meeting at IK4-Ideko`s facilities

ENEPLAN involves the simulation and modelling of the processes, an assessment of their life cycle and the creation of a tool called META-CAM that will allow a comparison to be made between the energy efficiencies of various applicable technological options for the manufacture of the same product. Furthermore, the process is optimised in accordance with various parameters such as quality, process time, eco-efficiency and cost.

 The project falls within the ECOFACTORY category within the so-called "Factory of the Future", it focuses on the innovation of manufacturing processes, by supporting and promoting the use of advanced technologies designed to achieve an enhanced process eco-efficiency.

Funding for the project is greater than 4 M€ for the period 2011-2014. There are a total of 17 partners involved, among whom are representatives of different industrial sectors and leading universities and technological centres in the research of manufacturing technologies.

On Monday the 13th meeting, in-depth work was done on the definition of the three demonstrations, the first two aimed at aeronautics and the automotive industry and a third aimed at the electro-domestic industry.

IK4-Ideko is leader on WP2 which main objectives of are:

The development of market models (and the definition of different production scenarios).

The development of simulation models designed to calculate the energy efficiency of the processes.

And lastly, the development of several monitoring and control systems.