Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Development of a complete five-axis milling solution for applications with stringent precision requirements

The PRE5EJES project includes the action to take for the development of a complete five-axis milling solution specific to each company. A complete milling solution for continuous five-axis machining will be developed. This includes the development of a machining head and workpiece table for 4th and 5th axis continuous positioning, systems for characterization and improvement of machine accuracy adapted to this process, and advanced metrology techniques for quality analysis of machined parts.

The new 5-axis machining heads will be based on the same kinematics as current heads, with a similar exterior design, but with a completely different internal design to their current counter parts. 5-axis machining requires an independent drive of the two articulated axes, both with respect to each other and to tool rotation. Therefore, the tool drive transmitted from an external drive to the head will be maintained, and two new drives must be incorporated on the head.


This development presents us with five major technical challenges. The first is to achieve a high cutting capacity with this head. The second is to deal with the high heat generated in the high-torque motors when they are fitted on the head. The third is to ensure maximum precision of this head. The fourth challenge is to overcome the complexity of the machining paths posed by the five-axis applications, with inherently a high degree of discretisation of the geometry to be treated at the part program level and of interpolation functions on the control unit. Finally, the precision of the five-axis machining solutions developed in the project must be demonstrated by manufacturing a standard part typical on the market and that meets standard precision requirements.


Development of two new five-axis milling heads for high added value applications with high productivity and precision requirements, one for SORALUCE and the other for MASTED ASSEMBLY. Demonstration of the ability to manufacture parts with five axes to high-precision and productivity standards.


The consortium of companies involved in the PRE5EJES project are: IDEKO, SORALUCE, MASTED ASSEMBLY and MECANIZADOS NOVAK.