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Multi-head solution for coil laser cutting


Laser cutting technology has been on the market for 50 years, with a wide commercial penetration: it has been and will continue to be the main technology for material transformation based on laser technology in the coming years. GOITI, as a manufacturer of solutions for sheet metal forming, was one of the first manufacturers in the world of fibre laser cutting systems, offering a reduction in production costs based on the reduction of consumption of energy and consumables.

In this line, GOITI has developed a coil-fed cutting solution that, compared to format cutting machines, offers a greater degree of automation to its customers and cuts down on sheet metal loading and unloading time. As such, GOITI introduced one of the most innovative solutions on the present-day market. Compared to traditional press cutting solutions, the process does not require any dies, offers great flexibility to adapt to any type of part, and besides reduces maintenance due to wear and tear, and finally the machine is more compact requiring reduced floor space. The main disadvantage, however, is a lower productivity due to the lower cutting speed compared to the cutting process on a press. That is why increasing the productivity of laser sheet metal cutting machines is essential to increase the potential market.



Increasing the productivity of laser cutting machines requires individual improvement of technical aspects that currently limit their productivity, related to the machine itself and the control unit. A quick solution is to increase the number of cutting heads. However, synchronisation between heads and synchronisation between the movement of heads and sheet metal has to be very precise and at present, this is a major technological challenge. The aspects related to the configuration of the laser parameters also pose a considerable challenge.

The problems caused by vibration mean a reduced cutting speed as otherwise this would lead to precision errors on the cut pieces. This is why the machine structure itself must be optimised to increase natural frequencies, as well as the drives to prevent vibrations on both the head and sheet metal. Synchronization of the movements of sheet metal and head poses another important technological challenge.



Development of a multi-head solution for a laser cutting machine with synchronised simultaneous movements of both sheet metal and machining head, while maintaining a high cutting speed. Thus, an advanced solution for continuous coil-fed laser cutting with a high-performance multi-head will be designed, manufactured and validated, capable of ensuring high productivity, lower cost per part and great functionality.

The new development includes:

• Option to integrate multiple heads to increase the productivity of the machine.
• Higher productivity levels due to new structure and drive concept.
• Precise and controlled sheet feeding system to increase the quality of the final part.
• Flexible finished-part removal system for a wide range of parts.
• Laser cutting process optimised for coil cutting.


The consortium of companies involved in the ZIKLOI project are: IDEKO, DANOBAT, FAGOR AUTOMATION and AOTEK.