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Gure artikulu zientifiko, tesiak, metodoak, memoriak eta zabalkunde teknologikoa.


Development of an Open CNC for feedrate optimization in 5-axis high speed milling

The manufacturing process reaches maturity concerning Computer Aided Manufacturing and cutting process performances. Nowadays, major improvements are linked to the optimization of the Computer Numerical Control and its interactions with the rest of the manufacturing process. The aim of this thesis is to control the basic components of a CNC in order to optimize the 5-axis high speed machining process of complex surfaces.

The realization of an open CNC requires the development of algorithms which transform the machining program into command setpoints for the machine drives. The first part of this thesis allows to round the 5-axis discontinuities caused by the linear tool path interpolation commonly used. Then, a feedrate interpolation algorithm computes the trajectory while respecting the kinematical constraints of the machine and especially the jerk of each axis. The implementation of this work allows to control a 5-axis high speed machine with an open CNC. Hence, the technological barriers that prevent CNC optimizations are removed and the manufacturing process is under control from CAD/CAM to axis displacement.

The complete control over the CNC offers the possibility to define the tool path exactly from Computer Aided Design entities without introducing any geometrical deviation generally induced by standard NC code. The direct interpolation of the trajectory on the machined surface significantly improves the quality and the productivity of complex surface machining. The PREMIUM-OpenCNC allows to prove experimentally the efficiency of this work and opens new ways for future manufacturing process improvements.


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