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Head and tools with internal suction for safe robotic machining of composite parts

The aim of the ZIKLOI project is to develop a machining head and tools that break away from the current standards in machining composite parts, thus eliminating the risk this process poses for the workers’ health because of the dust generated during machining. In addition, the consumption of electrical energy used during machining is drastically reduced. The head and tools of the future ZIKLOI system use a technology that consists of a dust suction system active inside the tool and head. The system has already been patented by Research Centre IDEKO.


• Safe machining of composites, no exposure to dust: The participants in the project will design a complete machining head incorporating the patented internal suction technology. A range of small-sized heads suitable for robotic machining will be created.

• Optimisation of cutting conditions in composite machining: Research will also be carried out on aspects such as the optimal geometry of the cutting edges of the tool along which the chips in dust form are guided to a hollow space inside the tool where it is extracted by suction.

• A continuous monitoring of the process and robot will be implemented to implement total traceability of each manufactured part and to connect Industry 4.0 applications.

• Hollow tools are subject to greater vibration and as a result have a limited cutting capacity, so work will be done to develop new methods of vibration suppression.

• To certify the results relative to improved health conditions in the workplace by means of tests in accordance with UNE-EN 689:1996 using the internal suction technology without any need for any additional enclosures or suction systems.


• New high-speed head with internal suction.

• New range of cutting tools for composites compatible with the internal suction head.

• New robot for clean machining of composites, incorporating a machining head, a process monitoring system with a scalable and low investment architecture.

• Enhanced health and safety in the workplace for operators machining composite parts, thanks to an internal suction system, which removes over 98% of the dust generated during machining.

• 65% savings in electrical energy required for dust extraction compared to the hood-based systems currently in use.

• Improved process of machining composite parts with a robot.


The consortium of companies involved in the ZIKLOI project are: IDEKO, MYL, IZAR and ALDAKIN.