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Ultrasonic Assisted Turning for Hard Materials


The TAUMAD project is aimed at the development, set-up and putting into production of equipment that allows the Ultrasonic Assisted Turning technology to be applied in industrial conditions. The inclusion of this equipment in DANOBAT´s catalogue as a high-performance machining module applicable to its precision lathe range will give it a competitive advantage in precision turning applications for high hardness materials. Furthermore, having a machine of these characteristics has made DANOBAT a benchmark in the machine tool manufacturing sector, by creating additional benefits to companies that manufacture parts made of these materials



The analysis carried out on the ultrasound assisted turning process shows that this technology is ideal for its application on hard and fragile materials such as carbides and hard metal, materials increasingly demanded by different industrial sectors. Ultrasonic assisted turning has significant advantages over conventional machining. The most notable being the obtaining of ductile stock removal for fragile materials, reduction of cutting forces, the increase of tool life and the improvement of the surface quality of the parts. All these are geared towards the optimisation of the turning processes, together with the possibility of giving greater stability to the tool-workpiece-machine whole, thus allowing a more productive turning process to be offered to new market sectors.

The type of equipment used up until now in ultrasonic assisted turning is aimed at ultra-precision processes where the swarf loads are low and the process productivities very small. The TAUMAD project will work on extending the application range of these types of devices to higher swarf loads without sacrificing the stability of the process, thus achieving a highly robust device with greater productivity. The initiative will allow all these new aspects to be studied and to implement a solution for introducing and consolidating the ultrasonic assisted turning technique in industrial sectors, which up until now were outside the scope of this type of technology.



The main objective of the TAUMAD project is the development of equipment for the application of Ultrasonic Assisted Turning technology on precision lathes, in order to meet the requirements demanded for its application in industrial environments. This objective will be achieved by developing the following operational objectives:

• To define the most appropriate specifications for ultrasonic assisted turning equipment for hard metal and tungsten carbide.
• To design and implement ultrasonic assisted turning equipment in industrial conditions. To establish the operating conditions for these processes that show the highest operating robustness and stability.
• To demonstrate the capacities of the turning equipment developed for the machining of high hardness materials. To analyse wear reduction and productivity improvement in hard material machining processes. To identify the optimal conditions for minimising processing times, cost and resource consumption


This project has been developed in collaboration wiht DANOBAT