Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Advanced machining of slender parts

The MAPE project arises from the need of machining SMEs in the Basque industrial environment to increase their production capacities and grow in volume in order to be competitive in an increasingly complex market. With this main objective, it is key that machining SMEs side with technology suppliers, so that the latter can develop technologies, systems and services entirely geared towards their needs.

The machining of slender parts makes up a large part of the production of machining SMEs. It is estimated that around 65% of production is geared to the manufacture of slender parts. The manufacture of this type of parts is problematic because the flexibility of the part poses difficulties in terms of stability. This project pursues a multifunctional cyber-physical system to tackle instability problems of this nature.

In addition to suppressing instabilities during machining of slender parts, the MAPE project also tackles the development of cloud connectivity tools for those SMEs that have lagged behind in the race towards the concept of intelligent manufacturing and 4.0 manufacturing.


The MAPE project envisages the development of a single Intelligent Multifunctional System that will provide machining SMEs with functions to stabilise the manufacturing process of slender parts. The resulting system will also provide cloud connectivity tools so that machining SMEs can make the leap to smart manufacturing and 4.0 technologies. For its part, SORALUCE will expand its offer of services and products aimed at advanced machining with the launch on the market of a novel product non-existent on the current world market.


The resulting multifunctional MAPE system will have the following functions:

• MAPEDAMP: Suppression of unstable vibrations during machining.

• MAPEREST: Relieving of residual stresses.

• MAPECLOUD: Cloud Monitoring.


The consortium of companies involved in the MAPE project are: IDEKO, SORALUCE, ETXEPE y EUSKO.