Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Data-based maintenance management system for corrective and predictive maintenance


The paradigm shift to Industry 4.0 allows large amounts of machine data to be collected using Cyber-physical Systems. These systems monitor, transmit and store variables that provide information about the operations and status of the machine. When these data are analysed using statistical and data science techniques we obtain a clear insight into the production process and its effects on the machine. This project aims to develop a data-based maintenance management system for corrective and predictive maintenance.

A big data processing framework will be developed for this purpose. With this framework it will be possible to pre-process, explore and analyse machine data using statistical and artificial intelligence techniques to find patterns and relationships in these data. The diverse nature of the companies taking part in this project will result in several tools aimed at two different sectors (machine tool and plastic injection), and from two points of view (machine manufacturer and end user).



The main aim of the project is to develop a data processing and analysis system that ranges from data generation and capture to data analysis and the generation of outputs that are useful for reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance.

The barriers we have to overcome in this project are, on the one hand, the difficulty in relating machine faults to data, as there is generally little information available on faults and breakdowns and which is often poorly identified, and, on the other hand, the need to look for a generic approach that allows generic solutions to be offered for a wide variety of machine types with a minimum of configuration work per machine.



The expected result is the generation of such tools for maintenance managers, either in the form of push notifications or easily browsable tools that offer a series of appropriate reports. This new data-based maintenance service allows Savvy to add a new product to its portfolio and Danobat to start a new business model.


IDEKO, DANOBAT, Savvy Data Systems, IMR (Irish Manufacturing Research), Dawnlough and Key Plastics have participated in the DDMS project.