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Cognitive Industries for Smart Manufacturing


COGNIMAN will provide the means to facilitate flexible, resilient, reconfigurable, safe, sustainable, and efficient smart manufacturing by integrating simulation, models, digital twins, sensors, Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning), data processing and analytics, robotics, and autonomous systems in a human-centric modular toolbox that can be easily adapted to new, varying manufacturing processes and environments with the ultimate objective of boosting the European technology and manufacturing sectors competitiveness towards industrial leadership in global markets, as well as to reduce the environmental footprint of manufacturing activities.

COGNIMAN project will develop and validate a concept of “Digital Cognitive Industry for Smart Manufacturing” that will shift the future design of manufacturing processes for improved flexibility and adaptivity by tackling significant challenges of dynamic operations, efficiency, and effectivity for clean, safe, and cost-effective production, thus strengthen European manufacturing capacity. Today, manufacturing is based on models, without the full visibility on the operational processes and intensive effort for controlling the quality of production. Several manufacturing plants that are inconsistent and difficult to automate like e.g. glass fibre production, precision machine and additive manufacturing are consisting of multiple fragmented systems and approaches (including manual operations), which act as a barrier to the development and exploitation of truly smart behaviour, i.e. function of a process that can self-optimize performance based on reliable sensing, lifelong learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and collaborative robotics.



The objective of COGNIMAN is to design an AI-enhanced robot system based on generic, modular, and flexible components with intuitive usability and deployment for customized capabilities (flexibility, modularity, reasoning, and decision making) in manufacturing processes that were so far difficult to automate.

In the COGNIMAN project, IDEKO will foster activities in robotization of the manufacturing industries. IDEKO will provide research services on robotics, cognitive mechatronics, technologies, and AI-enhanced robotics for industrial automation.



The project focuses on combining the potent, cross-cutting key enabling digital technologies, namely DTs, advanced sensing, artificial intelligence and robotics to establish cognitive manufacturing and robotics capabilities for imparting human intelligence and decision making in monitoring, control and actuation tasks. Together with human-centric design, this cognitive manufacturing will boost flexibility and efficiency of manufacturing processes at high-safety and acceptability levels. Online data provide reliable and accurate measurements even for complex scenarios to enrich the simulation environment and Digital Twins for improved process control, while the lifelong machine learning allows for improved the predictability of the process and cognitive capability of robot in reasoning and decision making.


SUPORTED BY EUROPEAN COMMISSION. HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-01-101058477. The following 15 entities participate in the COGNIMAN project: