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Advanced robotic solucion for accurate grinding of complex metal parts


In the manufacture of metal parts for sectors such as aerospace, wind, nuclear, automotive and naval, finishing processes are required for certain complex surfaces with significant curvatures, high material removal and strict tolerances. There is great market potential for systems that can contribute to the automation of this activity, since a quality surface finishing process has not yet been successfully achieved for this type of parts.



The goal of the GRINDBOT project is to develop a complete and novel robotic solution to automate the surface finishing of complex metal parts. The solution will include a robotic cell that will integrate real-time process control to ensure surface quality. In addition, it will be equipped with complementary software for precise simulation of the process and optimization of the trajectory that will minimize configuration time and increase flexibility. A prototype will be manufactured for system validation in a relevant environment.

The main goal of this project is to carry out accurate and successful grinding of a complex metal workpiece with a robotic system. It will also resolve needs of the metal workpiece manufacturing industry:

- It will convert a tedious and repetitive task like grinding to a robotic system.
- The programming time for each new workpiece will be minimised.
- Installation costs will be reduced.
- The process will be automated for increased competitiveness.
- Production will be improved through the collection and analysis of data from the robot and the process.



The consortium will develop and validate a robotic solution for the accurate grinding of metallic complex parts that include:

1) A robotic system that performs a surface grinding process completely controlled in terms of material removal and thickness for a zero-defect manufacturing.

2) A simulation software of the grinding process with automatic grinding path generation and optimization in order to minimize the setup time and maximizing the performance of the robot.

The GRINDBOT solution system will provide increased productivity with automatic collision-free tool change, continuous monitoring of the robot and the process for production traceability, bringing more analysis possibilities for production improvement.


IDEKO, ALDAKIN, MODULEWORKS and AIXPATH participating in the GRINDBOT project.





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