Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Advanced Automation for Manufacturing


The move to Industry 4.0 brings many changes in the way industrial processes work. The paradigm shift in the manufacturing industry market implies a continuously growing demand for flexibility in production. This demand comes together with the real need of reusability of existing automation, to avoid the re-work and ramp-up time. In this context, AdAM project is developed, to provide a modular ecosystem in an advanced automation platform that allows addressing the current manufacturing needs.



The complexity of multi-stage production scenarios and the requirement for adaptive behavior in modern productive industries make it necessary to adopt an advanced automation platform to tackle with the European industrial complex and high demanding scenario.

Actual automation technologies lie on standards from the past century: with limited configurability, low reuse, fesurgew testing capabilities and complex integrations. This reality can’t face Industrial manufacturing demands to adapt to the continually shifting customer requirements, reducing the setup and development time. The natural move to achieve this goal is to take advantage of the different alternatives and technologies already emerging in the automation world.



The main goal of this project is to provide a modular, pluggable and heterogeneous ecosystem embodied in a software-based automation platform, allowing a shift in current manufacturing paradigm. To accomplish this task, several new and emerging technological standards, methods and software tools will be put together in the same comprehensive, yet harmonized platform that will be used to connect and provide services to different final applications.


The initiative, founded within the SMART EUREKA CLUSTER on Advanced Manufacturing program, has the participation of the following partners: Aldakin Gipuzkoa, CEiiA, Introsys, Soraluce, UNIDEMI, UNINOVA and Volkswagen Autoeuropa.