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Nano-manufacturing and magnetic properties of standard thin film nanomagnets

Nano-manufacturing and magnetic properties of standard thin film nanomagnets

The work is framed in the field of nanotechnology and the main applications of the type of nanomagnets and magnetic devices that were manufactured focussed on the field of information storage and processing, hard disks, etc.

The thesis combines two multidisciplinary experimental worlds: technology and science. Technology is related to the nano-manufacturing of magnets and magnetic devices, for which a complete set of techniques was developed and/or refined that allow the obtention of samples from start to finish, by conventional methods easily applicable to industry. Among others, a system was created to grow several materials at once, instead of just one, mainly using two materials: Ni-Fe and Co-Fe alloys.

Their magnetic behaviour was studied, both in continuous layers and in smaller samples (threads, circles, ellipses), by varying their shape and distances as they show different behaviour, and it is essential to know them for the different applications.

The magnetic behaviour of materials is studied by hysteresis. This magnetic behaviour allows information to be stored in the magnets of computer hard disks: the magnetic field induces a magnetisation in the small magnet, which is encoded as a 0 or a 1; this encoding remains in the absence of a field, and can be read later, but can also be reversed by applying a field in the opposite direction.


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