Own development model for Integrated Management of Technological Innovation.


Symbiotic human-robot collaboration for safe and dynamic multimodal manufacturing systems


IK4-IDEKO, the Basque technological centre participates in the European project (Horizon 2020) SYMBIO-TIC that seeks to enhance the competitiveness of industry by designing work environments in which robots and people interact. IK4-IDEKO participates by providing its expertise in vision and measuring systems and by supporting a TIER-1 of the aeronautical sector (ACITURRI) in the integration of technological developments in the project, in this case a demonstrator model. The above is done in collaboration with the technological centre PRODINTEC based in the Spanish province of Asturias. Given the knowledge of IK4-IDEKO in the field of strategic innovation, it will also take a leading role in the exploitation of results obtained from the initiative. Apart from the above, a model and a business plan will be established to serve as a point of departure for the commercialisation of the project results.



The European robotics industry is moving toward the creation of a new generation of robots, focusing in particular on safety in the workplace and the ability to work together with humans. This new generation of robots is of utmost importance to make the factory of the future more profitable and to recoup the competitiveness of the European manufacturing industry. However, the European manufacturing industry is faced with the following challenges: (1) insufficient capacity to adapt, (2) insufficient flexibility, and (3) insufficient vertical integration.
The draft project SIMBIO-TIC addresses these important issues and sets them in a safe, dynamic, user-friendly and profitable work environment where immersive and symbiotic collaboration between human workers and robots is possible and leads to higher profitability for robot-reluctant industries where current tasks and processes are believed too complex to be automated. The potential benefits of the project are reduced costs, enhanced safety, better working conditions and greater profitability through improving adaptability, flexibility, performance and seamless integration.


The European project SIMBIO-TIC seeks to:
- develop an active collision prevention subsystem to protect human workers.
- generate work plans for suitable adaptation for robots and human operators.
- adapt to dynamic changes with user-friendly and multimodal programming.
- provide human workers with on-the-spot support regarding "what-to-do and how-to-do" issues that arise.
- demonstrate and validate concepts and solutions of the project.

These results will be validated in key sectors such as the food, packaging, automotive and aeronautics sectors.


The project has the participation of 15 entities





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